More Project Timeline Templates

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Due to popular demand, I have posted 2 more PowerPoint Project Timeline templates for you all.  The first slide is a timeline created using a super easy tool and PowerPoint add-on called “Think-cell.”  This add-on allows users to easily create a Timeline and now there is some basic integration with Excel.  However, I suggest that you keep things simple in PowerPoint as it is meant for presentation and communication purposes.  And if you are using it for communications, especially for Senior Management presentations — I would suggest you keep it very basic — a rule of thumb would be to have no more than 20 rows of activities for the slide.  You can download a free trial of “Think-cell” for 30 days here.  In addition, I have a slide for comparing 2 different Timeline options.  Typically, I have been asked by clients to compare various options — with the key factor being the timing to launch or completion of the project.  This is one of my most popular slides as it summarizes the 2 choices with additional space for Pros & Cons.  You can download my slide templates here.

Please also see a quick youtube instructional video for making Gantt charts in PowerPoint.

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