Asia Business Development Template

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Many US and European companies have tried and failed to successfully enter into the Asian Market.  Asia which includes the #2 (China) and #3 (Japan) economies in world is full of opportunities, not only for its market and population size but also serves a rich source of talent and capabilities, both technological (e.g. Shenzen’s manufacturing) and business processes and systems (e.g. Toyota’s Lean and Six Sigma management techniques).  With much rewards, there are also many perils for any business trying to enter into these markets for the first time.  Attached are some slide templates for your use to help you layout your roadmap for entry into this exciting region.  Please click here to download this free PowerPoint template.

I highly recommend the book How Asia Works by Joe Studwell.  It contains a wealth of information about the history of financial flow and demographic movement of the people across the countries of Asia.  Link to Book on


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